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About Ellis Network Associates

Ellis Network Associates helps organisations protect their ICT Systems and profitiability by working with them to understand and manage risks associated with their ICT, OT and Other systems from a wide range of Cyber Threats. Many people in Melbourne, know me for my presentations on website security; in addition to my skills in this area, I have written polices to assist organisations meeing security obligations from a wide range of frameworks (ISO27001, PSPF/ISM, DHHS72), built vulnerability and patch management programs, developed incident management plans and handled very large incidents (7,000+ end point devices; and around 30 servers), provide reports in relation to hacking, misuse, and assisted organisations efficiently and effectively resolve complaints from external parties.

About Me

Hi - I'm Brad Ellis and have worked in the ICT Industry for over 20 years with more than 15 years as a ICT Security Specialist. Over that time, I've had an interesting and varied career assisting a diverse range organisations to secure very large (22,000 node+) networks, working in Government, Wholesale Internet Service Provision, the Financial Services Sector, the Utilities Sector and with Data Acquisition, Analytics and Processing Firms.